Due to various circumstances, we’ve only had an elimination at the end of Dancing With the Stars every other week so far this season instead of every week. But fans needn’t worry – viewer votes on non-elimination nights still count, and here’s how!

No Elimination On ‘DWTS’ ? No Worries!

Normal Elimination

Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd are eliminated on Week 4 of Dancing With the Stars Season 28

Generally with the way the eliminations have been set up this season, voting is open during the show until shortly after the last dance, the votes are combined with the judges’s scores that evening, and the judges then choose which of the bottom two couples to save from elimination.

Two-Week Results

Dancing With the Stars Season 28’s Week 3 elimination is cancelled because of Ray Lewis’s withdrawal from the competition due to injury (the scores and votes were later combined with Week 4’s)

However, weeks without an elimination still “count”; the scores and votes are simply rolled over to the following episode to be combined with that week’s scores and votes. So the process is the same, but the bottom two is determined based on two weeks’s worth of performances instead of one. (This has actually been the case for every elimination we’ve had so far on Season 28.) So this week’s results will be based on Weeks 5 and 6.

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