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The World's Best

The World’s Best is a global talent competition show on CBS Network that features acts from every imaginable genre and every corner of the planet. A Panel of three American Judges and 50 expert judges from aound the world pick out the best talent.

TMT Boys Talent Recap
CelebrityThe World's Best

TNT Boys Win People’s Voice Favorite Group & Favorite New Group in Philippines!

Filipino singing group the TNT Boys made a splash in America during their time on The World’s Best and left us

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‘The World’s Best’ Vocalist Dimash Kudaibergen is Coming to NY! Tickets Here

Dimash Kudaibergen, the six-octave man who rose to US fame when he appeared on The World’s Best, is now coming

john legend vs james corden riff off
The VoiceThe World's Best

Ballads vs. Bops: Watch John Legend vs. James Corden Sing Songs Of Summer

The Voice coach John Legend is in a bit of a disagreement with The World’s Best host James Corden. John

TNT Boys Angelica Hale
America's Got TalentGot TalentThe World's Best

Angelica Hale Abruptly Quits The TNT Boys World Tour! Find Out Why

Earlier this month, the TNT Boys announced that AGT runner-up Angelica Hale would be joining them at three shows on

The World's Best

TNT Boys Embark On World Tour And Charles Barkley Reacts To Ariana Grande Surprise

The TNT Boys strike while the iron is hot, getting ready for their first international tour. TNT Boys Mackie, Francis,

rupaul faith hill the world's best
The World's Best

‘The World’s Best’ Finale Recap: Who is The World’s Best?

We just saw The World’s Best finale, consisting of the remaining two divisional finals, the category finals, and the final

the world's best winner
The World's Best

And The Winner Of ‘The World’s Best Is…

The Wold’s Best winner is Lydian Nadhaswaram! That’s right the kid pianist that blew us all away with his virtuosity

Team Kelly Clarkson
American IdolThe VoiceThe Voice USAThe World's Best

Talent Showdown: Which Talent Competition Fared Best This Week?

American Idol American Idol began its 17th season last Sunday, but it’s “Season 2” on ABC. The premiere got a

the worlds best semi-finals
The World's Best

‘The World’s Best’ Recap: Two Episodes in One Bring the End of the Battles and The Start of the Championships

Tonight we saw the last two one-on-one battles and the first two Category Championship groups on The World’s Best. But

william close
The World's Best

Should William Close Have Done ‘AGT: The Champions’ Instead of ‘The World’s Best’?

William Close brought a unique flavor of music to The World’s Best stage with his Earth Harp, but the show

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