On Monday night’s new episode of The Voice, Taylor Swift joined the coaches as a Mega Mentor. Not only did she give advice to the artists before their Knockout performances, but she also gave an impromptu performance of her favorite song.

Taylor broke out the tune while spending time with Blake Shelton and his artists. After Blake said he used to pronounce “Wisconsin” as “Westconsin,” Taylor asked if he had ever learned the “State Song.”

Taylor Swift Sings The ‘State Song’ On ‘The Voice’

The Voice uploaded the full version of Taylor singing the “State Song” for Blake Shelton on Twitter. In case you never learned it yourself, it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be — all 50 states in alphabetical order, set to a tune and with clapping in the middle.

Taylor hit all the states, from Alabama to Wyoming, in her performance. When she was done, she asked Blake, “Did you not know that song? It’s, like, my favorite song.” Blake told her it was “one of my favorite performances in 17 seasons of this show.”

The singer’s fans obviously loved it was well, with one Twitter user going as far as to say Taylor has more impact than a geography class.

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When @taylorswift comes to #TheVoice, we don’t ask questions. We just go with it. 🐈

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Taylor Swift Gushes About Blake Shelton

While working with Blake on The Voice, Taylor also took the opportunity to share a story from when she first met him at 15 years old. She said she found an old diary in which she wrote, “I met Blake Shelton. He was so nice.”

Taylor joked that he was probably making fun of her during their first meeting, but she didn’t understand humor at the time. Even though Taylor has turned to the pop side of music in recent years, it’s nice to see she has fond memories of her time in the country world.