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Songland is a singing competition on NBC which sets out to give undiscovered songwriters a chance to create the next #1 hit.

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‘Songland’ Season 1: All the Winning Songs, Ranked

Songland showed audiences a whole new side of the music industry: the songwriting process. From original songs to workshopping with


‘Songland’ Finale Recap: Ryan Tedder Finds OneRepublic’s Next #1 Hit

It’s the Songland finale with OneRepublic! But don’t worry, it’s only over for now because the show has been renewed

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“Selfish” Charlie Puth Does Songland Winner Dirty

Charlie Puth was on last night’s episode of Songland, crowning Zach Sorgen’s song, “Bad Habit,” as the winner. But there

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‘Songland’ Charlie Puth Recap: THIS New Hit is Guaranteed to Get Stuck in Your Head!

This week, Charlie Puth came to Songland in its penultimate episode looking for a hit that will get stuck in

Charlie Puth Songland Song

Preview Charlie Puth’s New Hit Song On Songland Tonight

Tonight’s musical guest on Songland is pop star Charlie Puth. The 27-year-old will be looking for his next big hit,

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Leona Lewis ‘Songland’ Recap: You Won’t Believe the Song She Chose!

This week on Songland, Leona Lewis is looking for an interesting new song. And four songwriters hope they have just


EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What ‘Songland’s Leona Lewis Looks For in a Song

Leona Lewis is the featured artist on next week’s episode of Songland! And we have an exclusive clip of her

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Old Dominion ‘Songland’ Recap: Making a Jeep Commercial Anthem

We’re going back to country roots this week on Songland! Country group Old Dominion is looking for their next hit,


Macklemore ‘Songland’ Recap: Finding An Inspiring New Song

After a six week hiatus, new episodes of Songland are finally back! And this time around, four songwriters are competing


‘Songland’ Macklemore Preview: Will ‘City Kids’ Be His New Summer Hit?

After a break that was entirely too long, Songland is finally back with new episodes this week! And the first

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