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Julia is a writer at Talent Recap and hails from the Greater Toronto Area. She is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies. When not sharing her latest reality TV hot takes she's likely enjoying a game night with friends, collecting enamel pins, or spending time with her cat, Zoey.
Singing TalentThe VoiceThe Voice UK

Meghan Trainor will Coach on ‘The Voice UK’ 2020, Who Did She Replace?

Last month, Jennifer Hudson revealed she would be stepping out of her position as a coach on The Voice UK

America's Got TalentGot TalentVariety Talent

The 10 Saddest Eliminations On ‘America’s Got Talent’ EVER!

In the nature of any TV talent competition, America’s Got Talent has featured so many eliminations over the years that

dancing witht he stars recap, spooky
Dancing TalentDancing With The Stars

The Judges Said WHAT??? WATCH ‘DWTS’ Halloween Week Recap

It was Halloween night on Dancing With the Stars, which meant dark dances, wacky characters, pranks, and team dances! Here’s

kodi lee v unbeatable agt champions
America's Got TalentGot Talent

Do V Unbeatable Have A Chance At ‘AGT: Champions’ With Kodi Lee Out?

America’s Got Talent: The Champions is coming back for Season 2 in January. Based on online chatter and fan speculation, it

Dancing TalentDancing With The Stars

Does ‘DWTS’ Have a Racism Problem?

There have been a few questionable things going on with Dancing With the Stars lately that makes many of the fans wonder

Dancing TalentDancing With The Stars

Why ‘DWTS’ Weeks Without Eliminations Are NOT A Waste

Due to various circumstances, we’ve only had an elimination at the end of Dancing With the Stars every other week

Dancing TalentDancing With The Stars

A SHOCKING Elimination on ‘DWTS’ – Our Recap of Week 6!

This week’s episode of Dancing With the Stars gave us some surprisingly strong dances…and some equally surprising results. Here’s what

Dancing TalentDancing With The Stars

Are ‘DWTS’ Judges Qualified To Critique The Pros Of Dance?

Dancing With the Stars is all about celebrities learning to dance and being judged by a panel of experts…but what happens

Dancing TalentDancing With The StarsMore Talent

Should Contemporary and Jazz Dances Be on ‘DWTS’?

‘DWTS’ is mostly known for ballroom dancing, but the show has also featured a few other styles over the years.

Dancing TalentDancing With The Stars

SHOCKING ‘DWTS’ Behind The Scene Hook-Up!

Dancing With the Stars is infamous for its “showmances” – contestants and pros hooking up with each other (or at

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